Annular Solar Eclipse - June 10, 2021

Annular Solar Eclipse
Did you miss the spectacular Super Blood Moon that happened last May 26, 2021? Worry not because another astronomical event is about to happen!

On June 10, 2021, an Annular Solar Eclipse will be observed in the northern parts of the globe. This is a famous astronomical event as it is known for its ‘Ring of Fire’. A phenomenon like this happens when the Moon is farthest from Earth as it passes in between the Sun and the Earth which results in a ring-like appearance of the Sun.

The first contact of the eclipse begins at 08:12:20 UTC time*. It will be fully visible in certain parts of Canada, Greenland, and Russia* and a partial eclipse will be visible in parts of Europe, North America, Asia, Arctic and Atlantic regions*.

The eclipse will last for almost 5 hours with the maximum eclipse was at 10:41:54 UTC time*.

IMPORTANT: Never observe or look at the solar eclipse directly with the naked eye. This can result in permanent damage to sight. Please use a solar filter or a welder’s glass no. 14 or higher or use projection method when observing the sun or the solar eclipse

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