Moon-Venus-Mars Conjunction - February 27, 2022

Heads up, stargazers! This coming Sunday, don’t forget to look up to the night sky and observe as the Moon passes close to two planets in our Solar System, Mars and Venus.

On that night, our very own natural satellite is expected to be at about 5 degrees close to Venus and 3 degrees to Mars.

conjunction image
This event is called a conjunction, where two or more objects are close to one another.

Best part about the event? Both Venus and Mars are visible to the naked eye so you can enjoy the conjunction even without the need of other equipment.

The Moon will be at a Waning Crescent phase which means it is relatively ‘thin’ which will also be a wonderful sight to witness.

The optimal time to observe this event will be before sunrise. So set your alarms and we wish all of you clear skies!

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We love hearing your observation experiences! Feel free to share with us how your observation went on Facebook and Twitter !


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