Mars-Saturn Conjunction - April 5, 2022

Heads up, stargazers! Set your alarms and prepare to wake up early to witness Saturn and Mars in a conjunction! What’s more? Only a few degrees away, Venus will also be very visible in the sky!

Tomorrow, April 5, 2022, Mars and Saturn are expected to be as close as 0.3 degrees! Both Saturn and Mars are visible in the naked eye so it will definitely be a sight to see.

Best time to observe will be before 5:00 AM and if you have a view of the horizon, you will also be able to see Jupiter rise. Look for the planets near the East cardinal point!

Still wondering where to look? Stellarium Mobile Sensor Mode feature can help you navigate the sky and look for the planets!*

Stellarium Mobile Plus in Apple Store Stellarium Mobile Plus in Google Play Store

To activate, press the compass button on the bottom center of the screen to set it to Auto. Once set, point the device (back portion) to the sky and the screen should move with your device showing what is above you as you observe!

Feel free to share with us your observation experiences via Facebook and Twitter !

Wishing you clear skies! ( !

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*Sensor Mode can be accessed on devices with magnetometer sensors or compass included in it.