A Guide on Observing the Delta Aquariid Meteor Shower 2021

The Delta Aquariid Meteor Shower is an exciting yet challenging event to observe. Worry not because this article will provide everything you need to know to observe this meteor shower.

When will it be visible?

The Delta Aquariids will be visible starting July 13 until August 24. Its peak will be on the night of July 28. During the peak, 15 to 20 meteors are expected to be spotted per hour.

Where to look?

The Delta Aquariids is a meteor shower located in the Aquarius Constellation. The easiest way to locate this constellation is by using Stellarium Mobile. Stellarium Mobile is available on Google Play Store and the Apple App Store .

Turn on Constellations and find out what time it will rise above the horizon. You can also search for the Southern Delta Aquariids and it will show you where to expect the meteors will come from. Set Sensor Mode to Auto to be able to point your phone to the sky to see where you should look.

What needs to be prepared?

Before the night of your observation, survey your observation site. If you are observing somewhere else, make sure that the area is safe and secure. Check the forecast weather on that area for the night of your observation. If there is a chance of cloud or rain, it may be best to postpone it.

Find spots where you can set up your tent, sleeping bags or chairs. You should also prepare red lights as the faint meteors may not be visible if your eyes are not adjusted to the dark.

And don’t forget to download Stellarium Mobile and search for Southern Delta Aquariids so you would be able to know where you should look, and what time the area will be above horizon.

At the night of the observation

Turn on night mode on your Stellarium Mobile. If you are observing with someone, be sure to remind them to do the same. Companions are nice to have during observations like these, but be sure to look up while having a nice conversation. Counting how many meteors you were able to see may also be a fun activity


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         Available on Google Play and the iOS App Store

What makes it hard?

The Delta Aquariids are hard to observe because the meteors are faint. If you live in an area with a lot of light pollution, the chances of seeing it will be really low.

Even in low light polluted areas or observation sites, if the moon is near its full moon phase, you will have a hard time spotting it.

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