The Flower Moon of 2021 coincides with the Super Blood Moon

The full moon of May is often referred to as the Flower Moon. This does not mean that the Moon will be filled with flowers nor will it turn into a giant flower in the sky. If so, what does this mean?

The origin of the Flower Moon can be dated back to the time when our ancestors lived their daily lives referencing to the sky whether they should do a certain activity or not. They use the stars’ position, phases of the Moon, shadow from the Sun to tell when it’s time to harvest, or when it’s time to plant, which season it is already, and many more.

Before calendars, the full moon of May is a signal that means spring comes this month. This further means that flowers are about to bloom. Hence the name, Flower Moon.


This year, the Flower Moon coincides with a spectacular astronomical event, the Super Blood Moon. Will you be observing this year’s Flower Moon?

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Lunar Eclipse

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