Lunar occultation of Venus - May 27, 2022

An occultation is an event in which an object appears to be in front of a second object (star, planet, etc) seemingly blocking our view from that second object.

A great example of an occultation is a solar eclipse wherein a portion or the entire surface of the Sun will be covered by the Moon, obscuring our view from the Sun.

But, aside from eclipses, planetary and stellar occultation is a common event in the sky as our Moon is the nearest object to us because it is our natural satellite. This type of occultation wherein the Moon appears to move in front of other objects in the sky is called a Lunar occultation.

Tomorrow, this phenomenon will happen in a few areas in the world, particularly in Asia and Eastern Africa. Check out this view from Stellarium Mobile:

However, the chances of observing this phenomenon will be slim as it is expected to occur in the daytime.

Nevertheless, it is still exciting to be able to observe such a phenomenon using our mobile devices and Stellarium Mobile.


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