Stages of a Lunar Eclipse - Lunar Eclipse November 19, 2021

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A Lunar Eclipse is always a sight to see. In the past, it was usually considered a bad omen because the Moon appears blood red. This Friday, November 19, 2021, as we witness another Lunar Eclipse, let us review the stages of a Lunar Eclipse.

Penumbral Eclipse begins

A Lunar eclipse officially begins when the Earth’s penumbral shadow touches the Moon. This event results in a slightly darker appearance of the Moon which is very hard to notice at first glance. The Moon will continue to get darker and darker until it reaches the next stage of the Eclipse

This coming eclipse, this stage, signifying the start of the lunar eclipse begins at November 19, 06:02:09 UTC time.

Partial Eclipse begins

Right when the Moon is nearly dark, the Moon will pass on the Earth’s umbral shadow. This is the part where the blood red color will start to appear on the Moon and is known as a Partial Eclipse.

Partial Eclipse will begin over an hour after, at 07:18:42 UTC time.

Total Lunar Eclipse

The Moon will be entirely blood red in color at this stage.of the eclipse. A Total Lunar Eclipse is usually known as a Blood Moon as the Moon appears blood red in color and was believed to be an ominous sign.

The Total Lunar Eclipse will be at 09:02:55 UTC time on November 19.

Total Lunar Eclipse ends, Partial Eclipse begins again

Once a small part of the Moon is not red anymore, it signifies the end of the Total Lunar eclipse and it will once again be a Partial eclipse. The red hue will slowly fade away after this.

This stage will continue on until the last bit of red is not visible anymore on the Moon.

Partial Eclipse ends

When the last bit of the red color is not visible anymore on the Moon, Penumbral shadow will once again be visible. This means that the Partial eclipse has ended.

This Friday, the Partial eclipse will end on 10:47:04 UTC time.

Penumbral Eclipse ends

The last stage of the eclipse is when the Penumbral Eclipse ends. The Moon will be bright again, as if nothing happened.

This Total Lunar Eclipse will officially end on 12:03:40 UTC time Will you be observing the Lunar Eclipse this Friday? Follow us on our Twitter and Facebook for the latest updates!

Lunar Eclipse

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