We hear you! - Fixed display issues, improved telescope control support and more in this new update

Since the update of version 1.7.3, some users have reported display errors on their mobile devices. As soon as we received such reports, our developers were hard at work to reproduce and fix this bug. Thus, we are thrilled to report that this display bug will not be present in the updated version, 1.7.4!

This update also brings good news to users of Nexus DSC* and some other LX200-compatible telescopes! Stellarium Plus version 1.7.4 has improved the support for the aforementioned devices. You can read more about telescope control using Stellarium here .

Another change that this new update brings is the fix on the position of Markarian’s chain. This issue was brought upon by a user that has noticed its position is a few degrees off than its actual position. We apologize for this issue and we have fixed it in this new update.

As such, we encourage you, our dear users, to report if you encounter any bugs, issues or errors while using Stellarium. We are also open to any suggestions and questions.

You can send us an email at [email protected] by clicking here or you can also contact us through the Menu in Stellarium Mobile. To do so, simply go to Menu > Help & Feedback > Contact Us.

We will continue to do our best to keep on improving based on your feedback and suggestions!

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*improved support only applicable for Nexus DSC with the latest firmware update. Read more

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